4 days South Africa Kruger National Park

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South Africa safari.

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Itinerary overview :

DAY 0: Johannesburg-South Africa. (30.2km, 43minutes drive).

Activity: Arrival at Johannesburg airport, meets the guide, then transfer to hotel at Johannesburg

Accommodation: Gardenia boutique hotel OR EL Blanco guest house.


DAY 1­Johannesburg-Soweto. (35.1km, 1hour 15minutes drive).

Activity: Cultural experiences and historical sites visits,(Soweto and Apartheid museum)

Accommodation: Gardenia boutique hotel OR EL Blanco guest house.

Soweto is a township of the city of Johannesburg Metropolitan in Gauteng, South Africa. It was the largest black city in South Africa until 1976 when it experienced civil unrest during the Apartheid regime.

This Town was created in the 1930s when the White government started separating Blacks from Whites creating” Black Townships”. Blacks were moved away from Johannesburg to the area separated from the white suburbs by the so-called Cordon Sanitaire or (Sanitary corridor) which was usually a river, railway track, industrial area, or highway. This was carried out using the infamous Urban Areas Act of 1923.

The Apartheid Museum is a Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa illustrating Apartheid and the 20th-century history of South Africa. The Museum is part of the Gold Reef City complex and was opened in November 2001. At least five times a year events are held at the museum to celebrate the end of apartheid and the start of multiracial democracy for the people of South Africa. Visiting this museum is a must for those who would love to know more about the history of South Africa’s Apartheid.


DAY 2: Johannesburg-Bloemfontein. (395km, 4 hours drive).

Activities: Big Hole Complex. Kimberley and Anglo Boer war Museum Bloemfontein. South Africa.

Accommodation: Protea Hotel by Marriott

The Big Hole Complex is an old diamond gold mine in Kimberley, the capital of the North Cape province of South Africa. It’s the deepest hole in the world that was made by hand. It occupies a surface of about 17 hectares, 463 meters wide, and a depth of about 240 meters.


DAY 3-4: Johannesburg- Kruger national park. (5 hours drive).

Activities: Big Five game drives (Kruger National Park). South Africa.

Accommodation: Gardenia boutique hotel OR EL Blanco guest house.

Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa is the oldest park in Africa and one of Africa’s largest game reserves covering an area of about 20,000 square kilometers.

It has over 2000 plant species, it’s home to the Big Five (lion, rhino, buffalo, elephant, and leopard), and about 5000 bird species. Its borders are separated by two rivers Crocodile River in the South and Limpopo river in the north the Lebombo mountains on the west side divide the park from its eastern neighbor Mozambique.

Drive back to Johannesburg.

End of the trip.